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Running OpenEMM with VirtualBox

If you want to run OpenEMM on any other operating system than supported you can use the virtualization software VirtualBox.
We are providing an almost ready to use appliance for easy installation.
To use this appliance you first have to install VirtualBox (supported) or any other virtualization software which supports the open virtualization format to import a virtual machine.

Installing VirtualBox

Windows and OS X

You can download the latest version here:


You can install VirtualBox from the repositories provides by your OS.
On Ubuntu you can install it with

sudo apt install virtualbox

If you need the latest version or your OS does not provide packages you can download it here:

Importing the OpenEMM appliance

Download the appliance from our website:
Now you can start VirtualBox.

After starting VirtualBox, click on File, Import Appliance and select the downloaded .ova file. Then click on Next.
In this menu you can edit the settings for this virtual machine, but the default settings are sufficient for the beginning.
If you change the network adapter settings, please make sure that after your changes it is still in bridged mode for best functionality.
When you are happy with the settings click on Import.

Now you can start the virtual machine by selecting it and clicking Start.
A terminal will open where you can login for the first time.

Use the user root and the password OpenEMM.

You will be asked to change this password immediately.

An IP address will be automatically assigned using DHCP. If you have to set up an IP address manually edit the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp0s3.

PREFIX=<your network prefix>
GATEWAY=<your network gateway>
DNS1=<your dns server>

You can see the current IP address with the command ip a.

Now switch to user openemm with
su - openemm

Configuring and running OpenEMM

Please mind the default credentials for the database:
User root password OpenEMM
User openemm password OpenEMM

Run the OpenEMM Maintenance Tool (OMT) with bin/

You can now continue the configuration of OpenEMM with the OpenEMM Install & Admin Guide at chapter 5 OpenEMM Deployment → Configuration.
The Install & Admin Guide is available at the main page.

Please do not forget to update your systems hostname or optionally set parameter myhostname in postfix's configuration file to your FQDN.

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