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Why OpenEMM?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose OpenEMM as your software for sending, managing and tracking e-mailings, e-mail newsletters and transaction mails:



  • OpenEMM is - opposed to Outlook & Co. - a software suitable for sending and tracking mass mailings
  • OpenEMM can also be used to send out single event- or date-based e-mails and service mails
  • OpenEMM is free of charge and open source
  • OpenEMM has had >500,000 downloads so far


  • OpenEMM offers a modern web-based graphical user interface
  • OpenEMM is available with an English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese user interface
  • OpenEMM offers powerful features for targeting
  • OpenEMM provides realtime statistics with bar charts for quick comprehension
  • OpenEMM comes with a content management extension to manage HTML mail templates, module types and HTML content modules (including thumbnails and previews)
  • OpenEMM offers wizards for important tasks like data import, mailing creation and data export
  • OpenEMM has no limits for the number of subscribers, mailing lists and emails to send
  • OpenEMM offers lots of interfaces to connect with 3rd party systems (HTTP request endpoints, webservices, time-driven automated import/export)
  • OpenEMM is very well documented (install & admin guide, user manual, context-sensitive online help)
  • OpenEMM is provided with free support via this website (FAQ, wiki, forums)
  • OpenEMM can be customized via plugins for your individual needs (GUI customizing via CSS)


  • OpenEMM offers all the features you would expect from a state-of-the-art e-mail marketing software
  • OpenEMM is available for Windows and Linux
  • OpenEMM relies on a proven open source software stack
  • OpenEMM can be operated on a cheap Linux server
  • OpenEMM is based on a proven commercial software product, used to send out billions of e-mails/year


  • On request OpenEMM is available with commercial services from the original developer of OpenEMM

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