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Roadmap for OpenEMM (as of January 23, 2013)

OpenEMM is the leading open source e-mail marketing software available right now. Nevertheless, development of OpenEMM is never finished, because we want OpenEMM to become the leading e-mail marketing software in general - not only in the open source market segment!


Here you can see what is planned tentatively for the next releases of OpenEMM - your input is welcome (see e-mail address at the end of this page or use our forum Suggestions).


OpenEMM 2013

  • extension architecture to easily add plugins with customized features (samples included)
  • static and dynamic templates
  • default actions for mail openings and link clicks
  • context-sensitive online help
  • new options for export wizard
  • improved heatmap statistics (clickmap)
  • possibility to define an URL instead of a success/error form
  • user defined columns for recipient list
  • option to delete all recipients of a certain mailing list
  • new webservice API 2.0 with 42 methods to control OpenEMM
  • PHP demo client to use OpenEMM webservices
  • error messages and 3 logging levels for debugging of ActionScripts
  • bulk update for image components
  • multi-mailqueue backend to boost mail output
  • support of external filters for sendmail emulation
  • lots of small usability improvements
  • security enhancements to better prevent HTML tag injections, session hijacking and SQL injections
  • several minor new features and updates (see CHANGELOG.txt for details)

Final release: available at SourceForge

Bugfix release: as soon as necessary

OpenEMM 2013 R2

  • FCK editor replaced with CK editor
  • customized GUI table formatting saved in browser storage
  • HTML mailing preview with image suppression
  • revised OpenEMM 2013 manual and online help
  • several minor new features and updates

Planned release date: Q2 2013

OpenEMM 2014

  • support of Postfix as SMTP server
  • several minor new features and updates

Planned release date: December 2013

OpenEMM add-ons


Of course, we can not guarantee any of these dates, but we will post updates as soon as we know better.


Please feel free to contact us at contact AT openemm DOT org with your feedback on this roadmap, your suggestions for new features and contributions to support the development of OpenEMM.


Screenshots of OpenEMM 2011

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