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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OpenEMM 5.4 RC2 available for download now


We just released the second release candidate RC2 of OpenEMM 5.4. OpenEMM 5.4 has some exciting new features like a helpful install script for Linux, an online update feature for one-click-updates (Linux only), scripting capability for complex actions, full UTF-8 support, subscription via e-mail, and so on. Please see the ChangeLog for details.


RC2 is ready for testing and for your feedback (please use corresponding entry in forum "Bugs, bug fixes & releases"). While we consider RC1 to be stable, please be aware that it is (probably) not the final version. You can use the new online update feature of OpenEMM to conveniently update from RC1 to RC2 with a single click!


If you plan to use OpenEMM in a production environment please stay with OpenEMM 5.3.2!


There will be no VMX version of OpenEMM 5.4 until the final version is released.


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